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Onion Peeling Machine With Root Cutting And Removing

Technique Parameters:
Onion diameter:8 0-120mm
Capacity:around 5400-6000 pieces per hour
Voltage: 380V, 50HZ, 3 Phase
Power:2.4 KW
Needed air pressure: ≥0.8MPa
Air capacity:6-8CBM/M3

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onion peeling machine with root cutting and removing , is to imitate a human hand movements on the full range of peeling the onion , the realization of the onion peeling without damage technology. The machine cleverly designed novel, coherent action convergence , non-stop delivery of onion peeling during the process.

1.This machine no need onion grading, suits to certain range of onion size , does not matter for onion size, wet or dry , breeds , can perfect peeling.
2. Peeling automatically, one-time auto-complete , continuous work uninterrupted .
3. ” cortical control ” on the machine can be freely controlled depth peeling level , just peel the dry skin and then peel second layer of skin or the third layer of skin perfectly.
4. Automatic identification equipment of onion size resection institutions
5 , The machine uses no knife to peel , peel the onion without marks, no damage, perfect appearance. 6 , High efficiency, equipment by one -man operation, one hour can produce around 2700 pieces onion of finished product .

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