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pice Powder Mxing Machine Ribbon Blenderc

Material: Stainless steel 304
Control Type: Fully computer or semi-automatic buttons for choice
Pot body thickness:4mm
Inner diameter:700mm
Voltage:380V,50HZ,3 phase, can be customized

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1) Some sterilization water has been preheated in a hot water tank in advance (usually heated to a temperature of 85 °C to 95 °C as the material filling temperature), the sterilization temperature is the high starting point, shorten the time required for sterilization.

2) through the large flow circulation pump, will spray water from the top of the sterilization pot to the packaging sterilization, because of the sterilization water preheating in advance, and to be the material filling temperature, sterilization products almost uniformly, effectively avoiding the sterilization temperature fluctuations caused water contact with materials in an instant, avoid packing pressure change caused the packages the rise or flat.

3) high-efficiency heat exchanger to reduce steam consumption, and fast to the expected sterilization temperature.

4) the indirect heating of indirect cooling, cooling water, and process hot water does not contact, avoid the secondary pollution of the food, no water treatment chemicals. High-temperature short time sterilization.

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