Different Types Of Cryogenic Spices Pulverising machine


For the cryogenic type spices pulverising machine , there are three types as following:
1. common machine jacket input cold water to take away some heat, this can not reach too low temperature, if for common spices powder for food, usually choose this, and cost only because of the water related circulation or make them cold.
2.Low temperature refrigeration circulator:
Temperature range: -60 ° C~-20 ° C
Storage capacity: 35L
Circulation pump flow rate and pressure: Max75L/min; 1bar
Power: 4-5KW, the power varies depending on the temperature adjustment
The liquid in the refrigeration cycle is not water, but oil. It circulates at minus 20 to 30 degrees Celsius,the frozen oil flows into the interlayer of the cryogenic spices pulverising machine chamber. Recycle it back to the freezer, recurrent cycle.
Using this type circulator, the temperature inside the cryogenic spices pulverising machine chamber can be lower than using cold water, but if some materials need to be crushed below zero degrees Celsius, they must be crushed with liquid nitrogen.

spices pulverising machine
3. liquid nitrogen frozen cryogenic spices pulverising machine:
After the liquid nitrogen into the bottom right corner then divided into two route , one way into the grinding chamber of the cryogenic spices pulverising machine , the other way into the barrel pre-cooling the material , after pre-cooling material from the feed tube to the machine chamber, so that the temperature of liquid nitrogen into the chamber through control in the low , finished material falling down to the delivery tube sent out, along with the bag material is discharged through the exhaust gas , and the entire work cycle indoors.