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Chili Sauce Cooking Jacketed Kettle With Agitator

  • Model: BSJK-E-200
  • Volume: 200L
  • Max temperature: 320 °C
  • Dimension: 1400mm*1100mm*1300mm
  • Cooking Pot depth: 475mm
  • Material: stainless steel 304

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  • Specifications
Brief Introduction:

1.Chili sauce jacketed pot is widely used in the processing of candy, jam, beverage, canned fruit, sauce, curry, liquor, dairy products,etc.

2.The machine consists of pot body, pot rack , heating system ,stirring system, pot body is made of SUS304.

3.The machine use conducting oil as heating source, with high efficient heating and homogeneous heating results.

Machine Components

Electric heating tilting cooking pot with stirring compose of: the pot body (hemispherical inside bravery, stand side), stents, tilting turn-over device (turbine, worm), stirring device (motor, cycloid pin wheel reducer, bridge plate, connecting sleeve, stirring shaft, scraper), heating part (electric heat pipe, the electric heat pipe, control box and temperature measuring element) and electrical control box.

No. Name Model Remark
1 Heat conduction medium Heat conduction oil 320
2 Max working temperature 200L 320
3 Heat conduction oil amount 200L 25KG
4 Electric heating tube power 200L 7.5KW*2 (2 piece total  15KW
5 Electricity consumption 200L 15KWh per hour
6 Inner drum 800mm*3mm  
7 Outer drum 900mm*3mm  
8 Cooking pot depth 200L 475mm
9 Dimension 1400mm*1100mm*1300mm
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