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Industrial Apple Peeling and Coring Machine

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Apple peeling, core, and splitting machine is a special machine for apple processing. It is a fruit processing machine that integrates apple peeling, core removal and apple splitting. It can be widely used in apple fruit pulp and canned processing fields.

The apple peeler has a high degree of automation, simple and convenient operation and maintenance, and all parts in contact with materials are made of food-grade sanitary materials, which reduces the re-pollution of products during processing.

Working process and its description:

Apple → Apple Insertion Station → Apple Peeling Station → Core Punching and Flap Cutting Station → Finished Chute

The above is the station process when the apple peeling machine processes apples. When the whole process is working, only the operator needs to manually insert the apples in the apple insertion station. The peeling, core removal and splitting of the apples are all completed inside the machine, and the final product is finished. It is discharged by the finished chute.

Apple Peeling and Coring Machine Working Video:

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