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Roller Brush Turmeric Ginger Washing Peeling Machine

  • Model: BPC
  • Output: 800-1500kg/h
  • Material: Stainless steel 201

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Turmeric Ginger Washing and Peeling Machine Introduction

It is widely used for washing or peeling kinds of root vegetables,such as potato,carrot,ginger,taro, sweet potato, onion, lotus roots, and fruits like apple, pear etc.Suitable for those kitchens of school, restaurant, big factory, food processing factory, supermarket, etc.

Turmeric ginger washing and peeling machine can wash or peel by change brush rollers.According to the features of the products, the brush washing machine can be equipped with stiff or soft brush to avoid the damage to the products. With the rolling of the brushes, it can help achieve the results of cleaning and peeling through the friction between the brushes and products.

This machine can separate cleaning, also can clean, peeling work together at the same time. Equipment beautiful appearance, convenient operation, cleaning peeling of large volume, high efficiency, energy consumption is small, can work continuously. Brush roll material through special processing, durable, the equipment is made of high quality stainless steel production.

Advantages of Turmeric Ginger Washing and Peeling Machine

1.The brushes are made of high quality nylon material which is more wear-resistant.and the brushes are easy to be exchanged. The main parts

of this machine adopted double bearings, and the chain and chain wheel are durable.With hard brushes,it has function of washing and peeling .

2. The body of the brush washer is made of durable Stainless steel 304 material.

3.High efficiency it only takes 5 minutes to clean and peel 250kg potatoes.Its rollers are adopted the principle of unidirectional rotary. So that this machine is energy saving, high capacity, low noise and steady work.Vegetables are pushed forward by the slow rolling brushes. Inside the barrel, vegetables roate in a circle way, at the same time, it also has high pressure spray-washing system to clean the vegetable, ensuring cleaning more thoroughly.

4.Different types root vegetables can be mixed together to realize the cleaning and peeling.This machine is a large scale closed type washer and peeler for root vegetable like carrots, potatoes and taros carrots,potatoes and taros etc.



Turmeric Ginger Washing and Peeling Machine Working Video:

Turmeric Ginger Washing and Peeling Machine Technical Parameter:

Model BPC-1000 BPC-1200 BPC-1500 BPC-800
Output 400-800kg/h 800-1000kg/h 1000-1500kg/h 200-500kg/h
Power 1.5KW 1.5KW 2.2KW 1.5KW
Voltage 380V/50HZ,3 phasecan customize according client requirement
Dimension 1900*850*850mm 1900*850*850mm 2400*850*900mm 1320*850*1080mm
Material Stainless steel 201  (can customize to 304 if client require)
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