Advantages of the chili powder grinding mill roller type


Our BCH series roller type chili powder grinding mill has following updates:


1. Roller type chili powder grinding mill with material level sensor
2. Grinder with four alloy rollers, high speed and grinding efficiency
3. With electric control, automatic adjust the rollers gap, more accurate and convenient for manual adjustment.
4.  New type chili powder grinding mill, can adjust roller gag automatically and adopt high pressure sieve blow system for higher capacity.
5.  Processing technology is easy, no need to remove chili stem and seeds, can keep very good color and taste by roller grinding technology, no high temperature produced and uniform force for all powder red color.
6.  This roller type chili grinding mill customize different configuration for chili powder processing line, including conveyor, dry cleaning machine, buffer silo, magnetic separator, cyclone collector, dust collector, etc.

For our roller type chili powder grinding mill, it has many advantage compared with the conventional hammer mill. That's why so many domestic and abroad factories choose the roller mill.

  1. Retain the chili color and taste..
  2. Adopts Timing Belt Drive, no need lubricating oil, more stable and no pollution.
  3. Sieve cloth and sieve frame assemble together, which saves much time when changing the sieve cloth.
  4. Round sieve design is two times dimension than the general hammer mill.
  5. The grinded powder have even and uniform size, also the unqualified size powder will be automatically go back to roller
  6. Less labor-man power requirement: 1 person.