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There are many kinds and varieties of peppers, and choosing the right variety is one of the keys to the successful cultivation of peppers. When choosing a variety of peppers, the following factors should be considered:

(1) Characteristics of peppers As mentioned above, different varieties have different botanical and biological characteristics, which should be fully considered in the selection of varieties.

(2) Consumption habits and cultivation purposes Chili peppers are widely distributed in my country, but the demand for chili peppers in different regions is very different, mainly reflected in the hobby of strong and light fruit spiciness. The selection should cater to local consumption habits. The peppers in large and medium-sized cities are mainly fresh, and fresh food varieties should be selected, while the grain cropping areas in Sichuan, Guizhou, Yunnan, Hubei, Shaanxi and other provinces focus on exporting dried peppers and are suitable for processing varieties.

(3) Planting facilities and seasonal protected area facilities require early-maturing, low-temperature-resistant, disease-resistant and high-yield varieties, and suitable varieties should be selected, such as Hangzhou chicken feet, Jilin Zaojiao, Xiangyan No. 1, Xiangyan No. 4 etc.; for delayed and off-season cultivation, it is advisable to use high-yielding varieties that are resistant to high temperature and virus diseases, such as Xiangyan No. 10.

(4) Although peppers are warm-loving, high-temperature resistant, and insensitive to light, each variety has certain differences in environmental conditions, especially climatic conditions. Therefore, the selection of varieties must take into account the local climatic conditions.