How to operate a small milk production line​


  There are many types of milk production lines. Usually, there are pasteurized milk lines, yogurt lines, etc. Different products require different technological processes. The equipment can be matched according to the process and output requirements.
1) Calibrate the pH electrode and dissolved oxygen electrode.
2) The water tank has been sanitized. Mix medium into container as needed. After sealing them as needed, small fermenters (5 liters) can be sterilized in a large autoclave (115°C, 30 minutes); large fermenters (10 liters and above) can be sterilized using steam (121°C, 30 minutes). minute).
3) After cooling, put it on the fermentation table and install it; turn on the cooling water, turn on the air pump, connect the ventilation pipe to start ventilation, adjust the intake knob to make the ventilation volume appropriate, and keep the pressure in the tank at 0.05MPa; set Temperature, pH, stirring speed, etc., and calibrate the slope value of the dissolved oxygen electrode at a certain speed and ventilation rate.
4) After the temperature is stable and all parameters are correct, connect the pre-shake seeds, start the fermentation time, and start recording various parameters.
  5) Clean the storage tank and electrodes after fermentation, insert the pH electrode into the Erlenmeyer flask filled with 3M potassium chloride for later use, and cover the probe of the dissolved oxygen electrode with a protective cover for later use.
   Milk line Dairy products are a supplementary choice of calcium in food, and cheese is a dairy product that contains a lot of calcium, which is easily absorbed. Babies usually need a lot of nutrition, but they feel greasy when they drink milk every day. Milk bar yogurt is very popular these days. Small milk processing and production equipment, because yogurt is made from milk, so the nutritional content is not comparable. Milk is poor and even more nutritious than cow's milk. The gist is that yogurt tastes better than milk. Therefore, whether it is a large and medium-sized yogurt production line for pastures or a yogurt production line for milk bars now, the future revenue will only increase.