How To Peel Fresh Potatoes Quickly And Cleanly


Roller cleaning machine is also known as rolling brush cleaning machine, there are a lot of brush cleaning machine on the market, but our company is different in that the external material of our company's machine is made of 304 stainless steel, waterproof, salt-proof, the material is durable all year round, the brush inside the machine uses nine roller brush, brush types are also different. Roller cleaning machine is mainly suitable for sorting and cleaning of carrots, potatoes and other root vegetables and citrus fruit materials, using food grade belt and food grade brush peeling cleaning, brush is divided into soft brush and hard brush can be customized according to the cleaning degree of different materials, brush in contact with the material spiral rolling to clean and peel, and then equipped with high pressure spray, good cleaning effect, can clean the mud stains on the surface of the material.
But in order to peel fresh potatoes can only use a hard brush, it can make potatoes roll in the machine at the same time easily put the skin friction point, and do not waste a bit of flesh just peel off the skin, the machine has large power, fast speed, good peeling effect, high yield. The output per hour can reach up to a thousand kilograms, freeing the labor force, the machine can not only peel potatoes, but also taro, radish, sweet potato, yam, onion, carrot and many other root vegetables and fruits peeling work, can be combined with multiple machines to achieve the whole process of vegetable processing.