How to solve the poor cooling effect of the refrigeration tank?


   The whole body of the refrigeration tank is made of 304 stainless steel, which is durable and not easy to be damaged and corroded. The insulation layer is filled with imported polyurethane foam, which is durable. The refrigeration unit uses a roller-sliding rod compressor, which consumes very little power. During the peak power consumption period in summer, a compressor with a very small voltage can be used to supply energy, which can save users A lot of overhead.

   When we usually use refrigeration tanks, daily maintenance is also very important, which can reduce the failure rate of refrigeration tanks and increase the service life of refrigeration tanks. What should I do if the cooling effect of the refrigeration tank deteriorates after being used for a period of time?

   Customized refrigeration tank manufacturers said that the main reasons for the deterioration of refrigeration effect are probably:
   The air-cooled heat sink is blocked, and the cold air cannot be delivered from the filter to the tank normally.
   Compressor lacks Freon. Insufficient fluorine in the milk refrigeration tank will cause the refrigeration efficiency of the refrigeration tank to decrease, resulting in poor refrigeration effect of the refrigeration tank.
Lack of refrigerant.
   Therefore, if the cooling effect of the refrigeration tank becomes poor, it is necessary to ask the staff of the refrigeration tank manufacturer or a special inspection person to find out the reason, see what is causing it, and solve it symptomatically.