Largest Chili Destemming Machine


Brief Introduction:

Chili destemming machine is the automatic equipment for removing chili stem, which can greatly save labor of remove chili stem by manually.

This machine’s main feature is fully automatic stem removing, high efficiency, high ratio of stem removing.

Running Conditions:

Voltage: 220V 50Hz, single phase

Environmental Temperature: 0ºC-50ºC

Chili Humidity Both wet and dry is ok.

Chili stem diameter: 0—10mm

Chili stem removing rate: ≥85%

Main Technical Parameters:

Handling Capacity: 800 kg/h for dry chili, and 2000kg/h for fresh chili

Motor: 1.5KW (two pieces)

Total Installed Power: 3kW

Convey belt length: 3900 mm

Convey Belt width: 500mm

Material: carbons steel

Dimension: 5700*1100*2630mm

Weight: 450kg