Milk Cooling Tank


BIDRAGON company adopts the new technology of milk refrigeration tank. Through the automatic control system, the cooled raw milk can be rapidly lowered to the required temperature, and the constant temperature can be maintained to prevent bacteria from multiplying. Regular stirring keeps the raw milk in the state of A-grade milk.

The exterior is made of stainless steel, which has strong corrosion resistance, good sealing, and high environmental protection coefficient. The interior has an automatic cleaning system, which can be cleaned in multiple cycles.
Refrigeration tanks can not only refrigerate all dairy products, but also can be used for cooling storage of liquid materials in other industries. The wall of the refrigeration tank is an advanced honeycomb Miqin plate evaporator. The straight wall is cooled by a large area, which can directly exchange heat with milk and cool it. The refrigeration tank cools and stores fresh milk, and can also store sauces and juices. It is suitable for yogurt production lines and dairy production lines.