milk refrigeration tank


  The milk refrigeration tank is suitable for milk collection centers, milk collection stations, pastures, dairy factories, food factories and ideal storage and cooling storage equipment for professional households raising dairy cows. Milk refrigeration tank is an important supporting equipment for mechanized milking in pastures, and it is more suitable for cooling and storing fresh milk in pastures, milk collection stations and dairy factories with manual milking, and can also cool and store other liquid materials to keep the cooled raw milk in the best condition , to prevent bacterial reproduction.
  It is mainly composed of tank body, agitator, refrigeration unit, electrical control and other parts. The tank body is made of double-layer stainless steel (SUS304 or can be customized according to customer requirements), with precision polishing treatment, dirt is not easy to accumulate, easy to clean and corrosion-resistant. The polyurethane rigid foam board is used between the inner and outer tanks. This material has an insulation layer with low thermal conductivity, light specific gravity, high strength and low water absorption, and has good thermal insulation performance. This product has advanced design and manufacturing technology, reliable performance, cooling, heat preservation performance and hygiene standards are in line with the international advanced level.