Pepper and Chaotian Pepper Cutting Machine


The structure and performance characteristics of the pepper removal machine:

1. Performance characteristics: This equipment is mainly used for cutting off the stalk of dry and wet peppers. The equipment has high cutting capacity, low and high pepper damage, and is suitable for different varieties and pepper shapes (customized). The single machine is more than 5 times that of ordinary products in the market. The performance of the whole machine reach the international level. The main machine of the product is supplemented by equipment such as miscellaneous removal and conveying, so that the automation performance of the whole machine can be significantly exerted. It is an important equipment for agricultural product processing, which can replace a large amount of labor, save operating costs, and improve work efficiency.

2. Main working principle: During the rolling process of the sieve cylinder, the outer cutter and the wall of the sieve cylinder generate a mechanical hinge force on the pepper stalks passing through the sieve holes, so as to achieve the purpose of cutting off the pepper stalks.