What’s the use of the spice grinder machine?


The main purpose of spice grinder:
  Mainly used for food seasonings, spices, seasonings, etc., such as Chinese prickly ash, pepper, ginger, chili, star anise, cinnamon, dried vegetables, etc. It can be crushed alone or mixed with other materials. There is no dust pollution during the crushing process. Because the temperature is too high, the aroma and umami of the raw materials are destroyed.

Grinding fineness: 8-200 mesh (adjustable), the hourly output can reach 50-5000kg, it is made of all stainless steel, and fully meets the hygiene standards of various industries.

Working principle:
  The material of the spice crusher enters the crushing bin from the feeding hopper, and is sheared and crushed by the movable teeth and the fixed teeth at the same time. After crushing, the material automatically flows out from the outlet. The grinding fineness is controlled by the screen mesh around the toothed disc, and the grinding fineness can be adjusted by replacing the screen mesh.