What are the characteristics of electric heating jacketed pot?


  The structure of the electric heating sandwich pot is composed of a pot body, a steaming rack, and a sandwich liner. The pot body is composed of inner tank and outer tank. The inner tank part is composed of inner tank, pot body connecting pipe and transmission device, and the outer tank part is composed of outer wall and connecting pipe.
The electric heating jacketed pot is a container with a certain pressure, which is composed of a pot body and an interlayer, and is suitable for food processing. The equipment is developed on the basis of absorbing the advantages of similar domestic products, and the operating temperature can reach 250°C. The structure of the equipment is simple, compact and reasonable. It has the characteristics of uniform heating, easy operation and high thermal efficiency. The sandwich pot is made of stainless steel, with reliable sealing; easy to operate, no environmental pollution; beautiful appearance and strong practicability.
Features of Electric Heating Jacketed Pot:
  1. Reasonable structure, made of high quality stainless steel.
  2. Automatic temperature control, equipped with temperature sensor or temperature controller.
  3. Microcomputer control, safe and reliable, simple and convenient operation.
  4. Double-horizontal mixers are used for mixing. The transmission device is driven by a worm gear box transmission belt. The mixing blades are made of wear-resistant stainless steel. The mixing knives and blades are specially treated for a long life.