What is the purpose of the direct milk cooling tank?


 The direct milk cooling tank is a professional milk tank, which is mainly used to store freshly produced milk from the farm. The direct milk cooling tank can quickly cool the milk and keep it at a constant temperature, thus ensuring the freshness and quality of the milk. Compared with traditional milk tanks, direct milk cooling tanks can better maintain milk quality, reduce the number and reproduction of bacteria, and extend the freshness period. At the same time, the direct milk cooling tank can also reduce the acidity of milk, thereby improving the quality and taste of milk.
  There are many such products on the market now. When we buy, we should choose according to the characteristics of the direct milk cooling tank. The direct milk cooling tank has the following characteristics: first, it has a large volume, which can meet the production requirements of dairy cows in different farms; second, it has a good cooling effect, and can quickly cool down and store at a constant temperature; The heat disinfection equipment for disinfection. In addition, the direct milk cooling tank has the advantages of saving energy and effectively reducing operating costs, and can provide effective support for agricultural production.