Why use an apple peeling machine?


The nutritional value of apples is comprehensive and rich, and the planting area is large in the main apple producing areas. If a juice factory is established, it can be close to the raw material base and save transportation costs. It can also expand employment, increase taxes, and promote economic development.
Working process and description: apple apple inserting station apple peeling station poke core cutting station finished product slideway; the station process when the machine processes apples, the whole process works, only the operator needs to manually Insert the apple on the rotating rod of the apple inserting station, peeling and piercing the core and splitting are all completed inside the machine, and the finished product is discharged from the finished product chute.
The apple peeling equipment is easy to operate, easy to clean, stable in performance, safe and reliable, and has a good peeling effect. It is suitable for use in food processing plants, unit canteens, canning processing fields, and catering industries.5.