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Automatic-Spice Powder Packing Machine

Model: BPP-320
Packing speed :30-40 bags / min
Bag material: Composite packaging film

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Name: Screw powder automatic packaging machine

Model: BPP-320

Power: AC220V / 50HZ

Power: 2200W

Cutter approach: Tooth cut

Bag material: Composite packaging film

Measurement method: Screw

Sealing: back/pillow

Filling range : 50-100ml / 100-200ml ( adjustable )

Packing speed : 30-40 bags / min ( adjustable ) Bag width : 30-135mm

Bag length: 30-135 mm

Dimension: 1050*900*1700mm

Weight: 250 kg


This machine is suitable for medicine, food, chemicals, pesticides, and other aspects of pouch packaging. Such as flour, powder, milk powder, nutritious food, condiments, wettable powder pesticide with a certain fluidity automatic packaging materials, the use of screw extrusion cutting the amount of packaging powdered materials can be more precise.

Automatic measuring, bag making, filling, sealing, plus easy to tear, cut ( incision method: jagged cut, continuous and easy to tear notch ), count to product output time to complete other processes. ( inflatable ) ( printing)

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