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Spice Powder Mixing Machine

Model:BRB Spice Powder Mixing Machine
Gross volume:100-15000L
weight:330-9950 kg

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Spice powder mixing machine mainly comprised of mixing barrel, spiral ribbon and driven parts. The spiral ribbon is made of two layers. That is, the inner ribbon makes the material move outwards, while the external ribbon makes the material move inwards which forms a good circulation of material. Ribbon moves so circumferentially that the mixer could achieve fine mixing efficiency in a very short time.

Ribbon Blender with Liquid Spary Picture

 Chili Powder Blending Machine Application:

This machine is a pioneer product researched and a new high-efficiency mixer. It is widely used in the solid-solid (powder material) and solid-liquid (powder leaves material & fluidity material) mixing in the field of chemical industry, pharmacy, foodstuff industry, etc.

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