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Chili Drying Machine

The temperature (steam heating):50-140℃, Max 150 ℃
Handling Capacity: around 100KG/batch
Overall size:2300*1200*2000mm
Machine material: chili contact part stainless steel

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It uses steam or electric heaters as heat resources and uses an axial fan, and heat exchanger to heat air in a convective way. The laminar flow of hot air passes through the baking trays and will carry out heat transmission with the material. Fresh air will enter the oven from the inlet to supply and then discharge from the damp outlet. Fresh air is supplied, and wet and hot air is discharged continuously. In this way, suitable RH in the oven can be maintained. The ultimate advantage of the oven is that most hot air is cycled in the oven, it increases heat transmission and saves energy sources. It makes the thermal efficiency of the oven raise from 3-8% of the traditional drying oven to about 35-50%. It uses the function of reinforced ventilation to decrease temperature difference from up to low. The oven delivered by our factory has a set air distribution device. Before application, the customer can adjust the fan blade in order to make the temperature difference at the best state.

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