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Spice Powder Making Machine

Spice Powder Making Machine

Grinding chili, ginger, turmeric, etc., into powder. Spice powder grinder and pulverizer.

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The spice powder grinding machine is a versatile spice pulverizer which can produce chilli powder, ginger powder, herbal powder, coriander powder, masala powder and so on. The crushing effect is excellent, and this grinder also has a low price advantage.

Working Process of Turmeric Grinding Machine:

It uses the high-speed relative motion of the movable toothed plate and the fixed toothed plate at high speed to achieve the purpose of crushing the materials by the combined effect of the impact, the shearing, the friction and the collision between the materials of the crushed material.

Application of Turmeric Powder Machine Price:

The grinder is suitable for grinding many materials(pepper, spices etc) in food industry and pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries. Not suitable for high oil content materials.

Features of Turmeric Powder Grinding Machine for Sale:

Crushing ability, low energy consumption, product fineness smaller, reach to 200 mesh.

Smash space, greatly improve production capacity, can effectively prevent the material in the process of crushing the screen of the deposition and clogging phenomenon.

Due to enhanced shear, so the crushing capacity of fibrous materials than the average high equipment.

Mesh installation easy, reliable positioning, are used plug-in. The service life is much higher relative to the ring sieve form.

Design built-in motor, so that the center of gravity of the machine is reduced, effectively reducing equipment noise.

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