Chili Stem Cutting Machine


  In view of the processing of this situation, so people slowly came out of the chili stem cutting machine. Such a machine can greatly improve the efficiency of production, and the operation is very simple, as long as the pepper is put into the running pepper to the machine, after coming out, the chili stem will go to the clean .No need for maintenance, has good economic benefit and security features of picked peppers special-purpose machinery, especially the people liberated from bad manual picking environment, make the artificial stimulation of mining pick, Moscow, choking eye skin, corrosion, respiratory, nails, skin burning tears sneeze stimulus uncomfortable, to the human body damage is great. Gone will be the inefficient traditional method of picking the triangle to check for tightness and wear, and promptly adjust and replace chili stem cutting machine . in the vast number of relatively backward technology is still very important, especially in the liberation of manpower, improve the overall efficiency of these aspects, the ability to show or we can not underestimate. So in this case, the invention and creation of the chili stem cutting machine and the use of the machine is inevitable.