Popular Multifunctional Spice Powder Making Machine


This spice powder making machine is made of good quality of 304 stainless steel, matched with National Standards motors. Mainly used to crush spices, Chemical Materials, Chinese herbal medicine with roots, branches and massive class materials, a variety of high oil content of food, whole grains and some other hard, brittle the material.
The machines use relatively high-speed operation of the activity gear and fixed gear, the crushed material by chainring impact, friction and materials between the collisions crushed. The crushed material can be directly discharged from the grinding chamber through the discharge port out .Generally material after crushing to go through a cotton bag to collect the crushed materials collected in the bag , the small hole of air from the bag out and powder will not out , and thus play no waste , not the effect of pollution . The particle size is determined by changing to a different mesh sieve.