What is a Food Sauce Paste Grinder Equipment


Food sauce grinder is a kind of high-efficiency shearing equipment, which is often used to grinder chili sauce, sesame paste, peanut butter, tomato sauce, fruits and vegetables, etc., with a homogeneity of more than 92%.
Features of food sauce paste grinder:
1 The rotational speed of the food sauce paste grinder mostly depends on the rotational speed of the equipment, that is the shear force. At present, the speed of most food sauce paste grinder is 3000rpm, but the speed of food sauce paste grinder manufacturing by Bidragon Machinery can reach 14,000rpm.
2 Grinding head structure, we can judge whether the grinding head structure of the food sauce paste grinder is fine according to the grinding ability of the grinding head to the material.
3 The mechanical seal determines the stability and service life of the equipment. A good mechanical seal can ensure the continuous operation of the equipment for 24 hours, while the poor one can only run for 30 minutes before shutting down.