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Use compressed air as a power source to generate a strong swirling airflow to make the garlic peel naturally. The machine consists of two parts, the drying barrel has the function of hot air circulation, which can keep the garlic dry even in humid climates. The peeling part uses the airflow of the air compressor as the power to save electricity. It is suitable for use in the market, food factories, garlic industry and other occasions. Instructions for use: Peel garlic cloves into garlic kernels.
The maintenance work of the garlic peeling machine after use is described as follows:
After the new belt of the garlic peeling machine has been used for a period of time, it will gradually stretch and become loose due to the effect of tension. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check whether the tension of each transmission belt and the clearance of each matching part are appropriate, and adjust it in time. During the operation, you should always pay attention to whether the speed, sound and temperature of the machine are normal. Every time a variety is removed or the operation is completed for one day, the machine should be stopped to check whether the bearings are overheated, and whether the fastening screws and key pins of various parts are loose. If they are found to be loose, they should be tightened at any time. The bottom of the sieve, that is, the holes and seams of the fish scales, are regularly cleaned with a wire brush. After the processing season is over, give your garlic peeler a major inspection. Check the operation and wear of each bearing; check whether the screen bottom is deformed or cracked.