Guide For Proper Use And Safe Operation Of Turmeric Slicer


Proper use and safe operation, ginger slicing machine itself on the manufacturer's instructions are clearly shows that attention and also has a bearing on the machine label, are generally not very clear, that why there are so many users were at hand, sometimes we all feel machine safety, good operation, just ignore the matters needing attention, so no matter what kind of slicer, Do not take it lightly, must be in accordance with the provisions of safe operation, there will be no problem. 
1. When slicing ginger again, do not put your hand under the centrifugal drum, dial plate or vertical knife after the machine is started. Do not put your hand into the pressure belt. 
2. After long-term use, check whether the switch and power cable are damaged, affected by moisture and water regularly to prevent electric shock caused by leakage. In order to ensure safety, connect the ground wire at the ground mark of the machine. 
3. In the process of use, if it is found that the conveyor belt is loose, the screw should be tightened in time, but pay attention to the tightness of both sides, and do not let the belt run away. 
4. Keep the machine clean, try to avoid contact with water, often fill the oil filling port, pay attention to the maintenance of the machine. 
I hope these basic operations can help our customers and friends to use ginger slicer safely, and make better use of ginger slicer to create more wealth.