How are dairy products processed?


  Pasteurized milk is high in calcium, which is well absorbed and aids sleep. There are many brands of pasteurized milk. Beneficial pasteurized milk is delicious, pure, full of aroma and full of flavour.
  The milk production line can be processed into various dairy products, pasteurized milk, fresh milk, various yogurt, etc. According to different processes, the required equipment is also different. To be processed into yogurt, a fermentation tank must be equipped for fermentation and filling, and then processed into milk with different flavors, which are then processed. Add natural pigments or fresh fruit particles during processing to become flavored milk on the market.
  Dairy processing process: pump the fresh milk into the storage tank, pump the fresh milk into the preheating tank through the fresh milk pump and double filter, heat the fresh milk to 55 and homogenize in the homogenizer, then pass the milk. The pump sends the homogenized milk to the pasteurizer for pasteurization. Typically, the temperature should be controlled at about 85°C and then pumped into the fermenter for fermentation. The fermentation temperature is 42-43°C. After 6-8 hours, when fermentation is complete, cool it down to 0-6 degrees, then scrape and stir. After stirring, it can be filled directly. After filling, it can be eaten directly.