Instructions for use of the potato washing, peeling and shredding all-in-one machine


Potato Cleaning Washing Peeling Cutting Slicing Machine Put the drain pipe of the machine on the sewer, soak the potatoes in clean water and wash them. After the machine runs smoothly, put a certain amount of potatoes into the abrasive bucket. During the dehydration process, add an appropriate amount of cold water continuously to make Skin crumbs and stolen goods are discharged from the drain pipe with the water. After observing the potatoes are clean, do not stop the machine, but directly lift the cutting gate. After the potatoes enter the cutting barrel, they are quickly sliced or shredded, and the potato slices or potato shreds are quickly discharged from the discharge port. 

When slicing or shredding, the cutter should be adjusted. When only slicing, the shredding knife box should be removed, and the slicing knife should be fastened; when shredding, after the slicing knife is fixed, select the appropriate knife box and put it in the knife holder , Tighten the two fastening bolts, and the force of the two fastening bolts should be balanced, so that the cutter is in the proper position and must not be skewed.

When shredding, if the cut potato shreds show slight knives, when washing the shredded potatoes, wash them with water several times to eliminate the above phenomenon.

Note, after the work is finished, loosen the fastening bolts of the shredding knife box, remove the shredding knife box, and remove the remaining material between the cutters to prevent the gap between the cutters from being blocked by potato shavings, resulting in failure to work. Rinse any potato rinds left in the abrasive bucket for the next use.