milk storage


   Pure milk on the market can be divided into two types according to the type. One is low-temperature milk that needs to be refrigerated and has a short shelf life; the other is room temperature milk that is stored at room temperature and has a long shelf life.

  The difference between the two kinds of milk is that the sterilization method is different, the storage method is different, and the shelf life is different; the shelf life of room temperature milk is longer, and generally at room temperature, the shelf life is about 180 days. The shelf life of low-temperature milk is relatively short, generally about 7 days. In terms of taste, the low-temperature milk will be fresh and sweet. In fact, the nutritional content of the two types of milk is not very different, so the two types of milk can be safely drunk.

The milk cooling tank is composed of two parts: the refrigeration unit and the tank body. The milk cooling tank is an important supporting equipment for mechanized milking in the pasture. The special stainless steel cooling tank for milk is also called milk storage tank, temporary storage tank, milk refrigeration tank, milk refrigeration tank, Fresh milk cooling tanks, etc., are compressor refrigeration equipment, which are used to preserve fresh milk before dairy production, and the storage temperature is 0-4 degrees Celsius. The product has the advantages of fast cooling speed, fast heat exchange, high energy saving efficiency, good thermal insulation performance, low noise, reliable operation, simple operation, no need for on-site installation, and long service life.