What are the advantages of BIDRAGON onion peeling machine?


  BIDRAGON onion peeling machine has the following five advantages:
1. Large onions, small onions, red-skinned onions, yellow-skinned onions, white-skinned onions, thick-skinned onions, thin-skinned onions, multi-layered, less-layered onions, etc. are mixed and peeled, and one machine is universal.
2. No grading, no labor, automatic, from the process of feeding, peeling, output and other processes to automatic work.
3. According to layer peeling, can be more or less. The equipment is designed with a cortex controller, which can be peeled according to the needs. It can only peel one layer of skin, or remove two or three layers of skin.
4. The peeling is clean and neat, and the effect is outstanding. The finished green onions after peeling are peeled clean and have good appearance.
5. Small size and high output. The design of the equipment strives to reduce the volume on the premise of increasing the output, so as to be suitable for various application scenarios such as large, medium and small enterprises and small family workshops.