Milk Pasteurizer Tank 50L 500L Yoghurt Pasteurizing Machine And Fruit juice, egg liquid Pasteurizer


  The equipment consists of two tanks: sterilization tank and fermentation tank.
  The equipment is divided into cylinder block, cylinder head, mixing paddle, feed inlet and discharge valve, which are made of imported stainless and acid resistant steel 1Cr18Ni9Ti. They are polished in the cylinder body according to the technical conditions of gb741-80, and there is a mixing paddle in it, which plays the role of mixing. There is a cycloidal needle wheel planetary reducer on the top to drive the mixing paddle, which can be installed, disassembled and cleaned. There are two open cylinder heads for cleaning. The bottom of the cylinder is inclined to facilitate venting. The other two feed ports can be connected with the pipeline to facilitate the continuous feeding of various ingredients. There is a discharge port below, which can be installed with a plug valve. After mixing evenly, rotate the handle of the plug valve 90 degrees to discharge the material, and close it after discharging, so as to achieve the purpose of uniform mixing.