Onion Peeling Machine Introduction


  What is the principle of onion peeling machine?
  The onion peeling machine adopts the pneumatic principle to achieve the peeling effect through the airflow from the high-pressure air pump. During the peeling process, there is no blade and hardness friction, fully automatic digital control, the surface of the peeled onion is smooth without any damage. So the onion peeling machine has no limitation on the size and variety of onions.

  What are the advantages of onion peeling machine?
  1. The onion peeling machine is advanced in technology, reasonable in structure, beautiful in shape, safe and reliable in use, and has an all-stainless steel body.
  2. Feeding, peeling, and discharging are all fully automatic digital control, no manual work is required, just ensure that there are enough onions in the feeding hopper.
  3. The onion peeling machine is made of food-grade stainless steel, with exquisite appearance, reasonable design, and no safety hazard;
  4. The onion peeling machine can reach 500kg per hour, greatly reducing personnel costs and increasing profits.
  5. There is a safety protection device at the material inlet, which will not cause personal injury;
  6. The onion peeling machine has mature technology and stable performance. It does not need to be installed, and it can be used immediately when connected to the electricity. One person can operate multiple sets
  7. It can be equipped with a feeding machine to avoid the waste of manpower caused by manual feeding and increase the output;